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Customized Valves



Customized valves developed since 1980’s when AST designed its first products for melamine plants. Over the years AST has experienced a steady growth of sales of customized valves by fostering a unique relationship with its customers, designing special products aimed to satisfy specific requirements.

AST expertise is constantly increasing supported by the most updated design methods and the cooperation with important R&D Centers for the execution of tests.

AST is able to supply: design, materials and flanged connections according to Licensor specifications; valves with SIL certification, suitable to be part of a safety instrumented system; valves made from integral pieces of exotic/special materials like Hastelloy and Urea Grade 316L stainless steel (e.g. Melamine and Urea process); valves with flushing nozzles and jackets, depending on fluid type and process conditions.

AST is able to perform, among others:

steam testing
high and low temperature fugitive emissions test (according to ISO15848 )
cryogenic test
high pressure gas test up to 20.000 psi.

Thanks to the gained expertise and flexibility, AST is the ideal partner to develop specific products for severe working conditions, granting long-term reliability of its valves.