CV-870U & CV-870S

Dedicated to severe service


HP Control Valves for Melamine Service CV-870S



Valve Series CV-870U & CV-870S were specifically developed to satisfy the high reliability and the best performance required in urea and melamine plants; experience gained in the field, fluid-dynamic feature optimization and the use of specific materials allow the obtaining of high resistance to erosion and to corrosion in presence of particularly aggressive process fluids even at high pressure and temperature values.
Our valve design also takes into consideration easy assembly and disassembly of internal parts to facilitate maintenance operations.
Upon request, valves can be provided with electrically traced jackets or jackets with diathermic fluids to heat valve body at the required temperature. Flushing ports are often provided to clean valve trim, in order to avoid crystallization and deposit, granting superior reliability.
The actuator and instrumentation provided with the valve are carefully selected and calibrated to ensure the best control performance.

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Technical Sheet

AST Control Valve CV-8700U & CV-8700S Technical sheet


Main features

The peculiarity of these valves is that they are made from two special material forged blocks angle welded with qualified welding process, to realize a single piece body including bonnet. The total absence of threads in all the parts in contact with processing fluid, the absence of stagnation areas and the stem stiffness complete their features.
The valve body and connection flanges are fully jacketed for heating by diathermic fluids to avoid any fluid crystallization.
The expertise gained in the field of melamine plants, the optimization of fluid-dynamic features and the use of specific materials allow to obtain a high resistance to erosion and corrosion, at high pressure, at high operating ΔP, and at high temperature.
Materials: Hastelloy C276, Alloy 59 and others upon request.
Trim Materials: Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276, Alloy 59 and others, in accordance with Licensor standard, are available.
Accessories: pneumatic, electropneumatic or digital positioners, filters, boosters, lockup valve, flushing nozzle, heating jacket etc.

Sizes / Pressure Classes

Size: from NPS 3/4  to NPS 10.
Rating: up to PN 400 and ASME 2500.

Design Codes & Product Standards

IEC 60534, FCI 70-2, EN 12516, EN 1092, ASME B16.34, ASME B16.5.