High Pressure Butterfly Control Valves CV-8660

AST Pilot Operated Safety Valves SVP 7200


Dedicated to severe service

Wide range of materials available
in accordance with Licensor specification


As an option, to avoid fluid crystallization
a built-in circuit for a homogeneous body heating
without external welded jacketing, is available.
Swing through or eccentric disc design is available
according to required sealing class
and differential pressure
One piece single diameter shaft gives
great rigidity with minimal deflection
Double packing execution for stem thrust
balancing on high pressure service is available
Connections can be machined
in accordance with Licensor standard


High Pressure Butterfly Control Valves CV-8660



This valve series is designed and manufactured to resist to the aggressive and corrosive fluids, as per Urea plant application. Although these valves have been designed for high pressures, those are available as well for low pressure with special materials.
The valve body is generally casted for pressures class 150 to 600, whereas for high pressure class and Urea application it is supplied in forged block only. The valve body can be jacketed type and heated by diathermic fluids.
Materials: ASTM A182 F316L, F316L Urea Grade, F310 MoLn S31050. Other material, in accordance to the licensor standard, are available.
Connections: Flange, studded, lugged or wafer style connections, together with connection in accor- dance with Licensor standard, are available

Special Control Valves for Urea & Melamine Service Catalogue

AST Control Valves Catalogue

Technical sheet

Control Valve CV-8660U - CV-8660S

Sizes / Pressure Classes

Size: NPS 4 to NPS 12.
Rating: up to ASME 2500 or PN 400.

Design Codes & Product Standards

IEC 60534, FCI 70-2, EN12516, EN 1092, ASME B16.34, ASME B16.5.