AST is committed to being a premier leader of innovative products and services according to customer needs and requirements. It is of primary importance to us to enhance the history of AST S.p.A. and the quality of its products, while providing efficient, effective and responsive support to the market.


AST mission is to provide responsive, innovative and cost effective products and services according to customer specific needs and requirements, and to serve the energy market. Part of our mission is to promote a smart growth of the company, to effectively communicate with our customers, agents and representatives, to preserve health, welfare, safety and environment while maintaining outstanding quality of our products.


AST board, management and employees are committed to the following values:

- Integrity
We act honestly, play fair and always strive to do the right thing.

- Respect
We treat everyone with respect. We recognize the inherent dignity of every human being and celebrate the strength that comes from the diversity of people and ideas.

- Service
We are proud of our role as valve manufacturer and we are dedicated to service excellence of our products. We are committed to a responsive quality service, timely deliveries, courtesy, and fairness.

- Accountability
We are accountable and responsible for our actions and accept the consequences of our decisions.

- Teamwork
We appraise teamwork, and promote the principles of partnership, discussion and open communication.